ID Cricket

By L0160 - Posted on 06 June 2018

Inter-departmental Cricket was originally established to allow a friendly competition based around Cricket to be run for those based at the IBM Hursley site. It allowed both sexes and family members to play an informal 20 overs a side game.

All players, apart from the wicket keeper, had to bowl two overs and during the course of the game, every player had to be at the crease for at least one over, unless the side was out. Players had to retire if they scored 30 runs and could only return if all but one player of the side were out. It enable American assignees to get a chance to play the game and helped to build cross department contacts.

Gradually, with the changes on site, the number of departments able to field a side declined and ID Cricket now plays a series of friendly games. If you are interest in being involved, please contact the Club Office who will pass your details on to the current organisers.